Saturday, June 27, 2015

Enhance Your Wifi Signal at Home

Hi guys,

Woke up pretty late today, I didn't get to sleep last night and only went to bed after 5am. In the mood to write something while still in bed but the wifi signal is only showing two bars from my room. Two bars is sufficient but why stop at two when you can get full.... right!! more reason to write if not anything else.

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It's common for those who has installed their router in the living hall downstairs, but last year I bought a personal wifi receiver TP-Link model TL-WN822N from Low Yat Plaza which costs me 99 Ringgit and it never disappoints. It has a pretty slick design, fits in your bag and when you use it in public it makes you look like a wannabe hacker (*lame*).

It's a straight forward thing... just plug the USB cable to your laptop and.... now my wifi signal is showing full strength. hooray!!! but remember to turn-off your laptop wifi receiver so that you don't get double reading from the wifi icon.

If you just bought it, you only need to install the driver using the CD that comes with it. You only have to do this once.

On a relevant note;

If you have more than one laptop at home... it is cheaper to buy a wifi repeater (bridge) and just plug it into the socket wall at the weak spot and you are in wifi heaven. It will only cost you more or less 80 Ringgit.

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