Sunday, June 28, 2015

Children's behavior pattern, apply Pedagogy.

This does not apply to parents with extra-ordinary children.
It is advisable to consult a pediatrician.

When you don't get along (not-in sync) with your child...
it's not the child's fault, obviously you are doing something wrong...
Consult a pediatrician.

Hi guys,

What determines a community's behavior pattern?

... and one's behavior pattern is influenced by the culture practice at home. That is short of saying we (parents) must be extra-ordinarily creative for our children in the process of teaching them to grow being a successful person.

Most parents bring up their children similarly the way they were brought up.

... and they do this subconsciously. We should be creative enough to realize that probably only 4 out of 100 methods taught by our parents are actually practicable. We should make an effort to learn Pedagogy and apply it in parenting so that our children gets exposed to it at an early stage. The advantage is, as the child gets older, we get better at it.

We should be their life-coach...
and we must do it right!

Few tips;

  1. Talk to your children as you would talk to your friends, even as early as newborn. You must inculcate your children to listen to your voice. Talk in a calm manner and never shout and call out loudly. Only talk loud when you want to present an event... danger and hazardous. So when they turn 1 year old, they will understand the voice of alerting and warning.
  2. Never say "No" unless you really mean it. Instead, say "You shouldn't do that... you should do it the right way... let me show you how...". It may sound lame having to play along those phrases, but it really works. Remember, you are a life-coach.
  3. Don't ever try to prove them wrong... just prove them right after showing them the right way of doing things. Provide options, choices, different ways of doing things.
  4. Always include them in your daily chores and routines... ask them for help as though you depend on them to complete a task. Share the satisfaction and praise them every time they do something right or almost right. "Darling, can you help me to put this on table please..." or "Sweetness, can you help me to push this Sofa, it is really heavy....." make them bond to you by doing things together... Watch this video for an example.
Please remember to say "good job", "thank you", "excellent work". Every time after completing a heavy task.... always reward them by just giving them a glass of water. Simple as that. You get the point.

Do yourself a favor and watch this wonderful video below... observe how a sweet young couple decided to do a project for their children Austin and Sydney. The project is not only about constructing a playground for the children... they could have easily pay people to do it for them, it is about bonding. Watch 8th minutes onwards.

But do all this while they are at a young age... and change your approach as they grow up. It will look lame if your say to a teenager "Sweetness, can you help me to push this Sofa, it is really heavy....." when the Sofa isn't that heavy after all.

The general idea is; BONDING is important. Don't leave this only to your wife... both parents must do it...

On my next article I will write about teaching your children to handle money...

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