Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tak Tahan Jalan Jauh di @MY_Airports klia2

Jauhnya... Itu lah yang orang cakapkan bertapa jauhnya nak berjalan dari pintu masuk hingga la sampai ke pintu pesawat. (At least only some people say that while the others says its not unusual)

It is a fact that jarak dari pintu masuk ke pintu pesawat untuk klia2 adalah lebih kurang 1.1 kilometer manakala KLIA adalah lebih kurang 1.2 kilometer. Bezanya adalah KLIA ada banyak Walkalator manakala klia2 ada yang di jejambat itu sahaja (atau ada juga di tempat lain yang saya belum lalu).

But hey, its an airport la. Walking that distance is normal. I don't hear people complaining about walking equivalent to 8 kilometers distance at Pavilion Shopping Complex or 4 kilometers at a pasar malam.

But some people complaint about the distance and it goes something like this...
COMPLAINEE: Kawan saya ni tak larat jalan jauh, dia baru jer buat knee surgery few weeks ago. How come MAHB langsung tak peka buat airport 4billion Ringgit tapi tak mampu buat Walkalator yang mencukupi. (Hello...! Kalau nak buat Walkalator banyak-banyak for your injured friend, the airport would have cost 7billion I tell you)

STRANGER: Yer la kan, apa la dorang ni langsung takde otak la kan. Buat cantik tu dah cantik dah tapi resposibility to the public takde awareness langsung. (Malu bertanya sesat berjalan, if you'd asked for a wheel chair at the information counter, they would provide it for free if you meet the less-abled features. They even provide free buggy service for the less abled. With this you don't have to pay RM60 at AA)

COMPLAINEE: OK lah saya nak gerak ke gate nanti terlepas flight pulak. Tadi rancangnya nak datang awal tapi bini suruh beli sayur pulak tu yang masa singkat tu. Hehehehe (its all about time management, you know your pace, come early to airport is better.)

STRANGER: OK la Pakcik, jalan elok-elok. Pakcik naik flight ni nak pergi mana?

COMPLAINEE: Owh... Kawan Pakcik ni dia nak pergi berjalan-jalan melancong kat Gunung Merapi... Sekali sekala la kata kan. (Hah...! That you can walk, but you can't walk a short distance at the airport. Pity you.)

End of plot.

If you go to any other airports overseas, you still have to walk... Because its an airport. It you are not fit to travel, stay home and watch Travel Channel.

Masa LCCT masih beroperasi dulu, siapa antara anda yang pernah ada pengalaman di sana? Berapa jauh untuk kita berjalan daripada pintu masuk ke pintu pesawat? Jalan ikut atas tarmac lagi. Berapa jauh anda agak-agak? People don't realize this.

I think our National Landmark klia2 is just fine and by time its going to get better.


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Monday, May 12, 2014

Perbaharui Passport Dengan Pantas

Dulu lain sekarang lain.

Gambar yang anda lihat ini adalah kaunter Imigresen Malaysia untuk tujuan mengambil gambar pemohon pasport.

Kamera ini diletakkan di setiap kaunter untuk memudahkan rakyat. Dimana kaunter anda berurusan, di situlah anda di minta untuk duduk dan mengadap kamera dan gambar anda diambil belatarbelakangkan partition yang berwarna putih itu. Bijak, jimat dan stylo.

Tak perlu keluar duit lebih untuk beratur ambil gambar di tempat lain.

Tahniah! Imigresen Malaysia.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Don't Speed and Save Fuel

If you are driving, make sure your RPM is showing at the maximum at 2000 because that would really save your fuel.

But it depends on what car you drive. If you drive a Proton Iswara or Wira at 2000 RPM will only make your car cruise at 50km/h where else for a Toyota or Nissan or even Kia will give you at 80km/h.

Drive smart.

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Mother's Day

This is a short entry.

Happy Mother's Day.

My Mother thought it was yesterday.

I thought it was last month.
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Speak English Your Way

I have friends who wanted to learn to speak in English. Not only that, they want to sound right... grammatically and pronounce it correctly.

I told them, language is a tool to speak and speaking is one of the methods of communications. To get things done, you need to communicate effectively.

Smoke signals, flagging, semaphore, sound morse code, light morse code braille and etc are all forms of communications.

When you speak to someone, its good enough that you convey the right message and it is understood. You don't need to be perfect in English or other languages for that matter.

I have heard a Japanese Engineer did a technical presentation about RFID 10 years ago at Nikko Hotel. Damn... Nobody was able to pickup the words and sentences, but we well understood what was he was trying to say.

Speak English your way!

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Nama Jawatan Yang Mewakili Pekerjaan

Apa da dia punya tajuk.... What I am trying to imply is that "nama jawatan that reflects pekerjaan yang seseorang tu buat" wah.... Habis bercampor aduk da...

This is just a short entry while lying on my bed before getting ready for an appointment at 10am today.

Juruselam kerjanya menyelam.
Jurutaip kerjanya menaip.
Jurulatih kerjanya melatih.
Jurukimpal kerjanya mengimpal.
Juruterbang kerjanya kendalikan pesawat terbang.

Ini mudah difahami bukan? Kerana nama jawatannya mewakili pekerjaannya. Kita dengarjer nama jawatan kita faham kerjanya apa sebab kata kerjanya ada dalam nama jawatan itu.

Siapa boleh terangkan bagaimana wujudnya nama jawatan "Jurutera"? Apakah "tera" itu, kata kerja?

Siapa boleh terangkan bagaimana wujudnya nama jawatan "Setiausaha"? Apakah yang "Setia" dan "Usaha" itu, kata kerja?

Secre-tary = Setia-usaha
Secre-tariat = Urus-setia

Apakah maksud Secre...? Setia?

Sekadar untuk bersenam otak.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Coffee without sugar

I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling exhausted for have been pushing too hard on my work for the past 2 months. Not saying that I did not work hard enough prior to that, but I've put on extra hours and energy lately.

I went down to my living room, pass the dining area and off to the kitchen and boiled water. Waited for few minutes and poured the hot water into my personal mug and soaked a sachet of a popular "railway" coffee in it.

I took out the sugar from inside the cabinet and placed it beside my mug.....

Now lets go back in the pass while waiting for my coffee to be ready....

I don't like coffee. ever since I could remember at 3 years old. It is bitter and so not for me.

But, there was a time when I was 5 years old, my Father had newly setup a Rest House up in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan. It was a Rest House with chalets facing the lake where people can actually pay a few Ringgits to row a boat for few rounds.

One night before the official opening of the Rest House business, he bought an "A" shape tent, camping utensils and stuff and setup a small camping activity just for us me and my sister in front of our very own Chalet.

He lit up the campfire, and boiled water. It was the most meaningful experience in my childhood days which shaped almost entirely how I lead my life.

He poured hot water and served me coffee, a second time introduction. I guess he put the correct amount of sugar and I seem to like it so much I drank so much coffee that night that couldn't get my self to sleep. Or was it just the excitement probably.

On top of that later on when I grew up, I also observed that I cannot drink bitter coffee, that will swell my throat or tyroid what ever they call it and result in an increase of body temperature and I will have fever. Anyways, I never like coffee without sugar.

Pooffff....!!!! (Flashback sound effect)

I'm back in my kitchen.... and just at that moment I decided not to put in sugar, I lifted the mug, smell the aroma and took a sip at the coffee and it taste excellent, I have always heard and I also read from the internet the history of coffee where originally they drank it without sugar. I thought to my self, why would anyone want to drink something bitter?

Now I understand. Real coffee is without sugar.

But as my observation for these past years was correct, while writing this, I am feeling a swelling sensation in my throat and the coffee does not help with the headache.


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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Put the food inside the Freeze. Me: the what? Him: Freeze!

Confusing right. That's what I thought when I first heard of it. The conversation happen in Malay Language, but it sounds funnier in English.

Not too long ago I was at a friend's house. The parents came back shopping for groceries. My friend call out to his sister and said... "Help to put the food in the Freeze"

His sister picked up the food stuff and put it in the refrigerator.

They hear people say; "put the fish in the freezer" and then they also heard "don't put anything on the Fridge" and so they make up their mind to call it a Freeze.

They do not know that the freezer is inside the Fridge and that a Fridge is actually a Refrigerator.

After 20 years, I wrote this entry today because I heard somebody was saying it exactly like I heard it 20 years ago.

I wonder what would cross their mind if seeing a policeman in action calling out "freeze, don't move"

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ceramah Agama Yang Bermotif Politik.

Saya sedang berjalan di Pasar Malam yang di anjur di kawasan pejabat-pejabat kerajaan, pasar malam ini di adakan dua kali seminggu. Setiap kali saya datang, ada peniaga di situ yang setiap kali berniaga situ akan memasang rakaman video ceramah agama oleh penceramah yang terkenal.

Tetapi, ceramah agama itu bermotif politik, mengutuk kerajaan dengan cara memutar belitkan cerita nabi dan menyembunyikan cerita penuh dengan ulasan yang singkat supaya menjurus kepada kebencian rakyat kepada kerajaan.

Pun begitu, kerajaan langsung tidak menyekat peniaga ini mahupun memberikan teguran. Sedangkan rakaman hasutan itu dilakukan dua kali seminggu dari wujudnya pasar itu hingga sekarang. Kerajaan tidak mengganggu orang itu berniaga dan memaafkan sahaja hasutan tersebut.

Tetapi peniaga ini tidak sedar, malah memang dia tidak sedar bahawa rakyat juga tidak suka kepada hasutan itu. Saya satu diantaranya.

Adakah kerajaan zalim? Rakaman ceramah itu berkata ya!

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