Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Manage your internet quota wisely and save money

I'm busy, let me get straight to the point. Why subscribe to a 5GB data for 30 days package at RM48.00 when you can actually pay RM39.00? but I guess its how you use your data. This is how I use it:
2GB is sufficient for me to hotspot to 3 laptops in the house for the whole month. That is if all you do is browse for news, check your social media accounts and check emails... all the normal stuff.

But once in a while I need to download videos, update iPad apps or do some quick research on Youtube so I do not want to use the internet quota for that 30 days package... because the data topup is expensive; so on top of the 30 days quota, I subscribe to a 1GB One-Day-Pass for only RM3.00.

If I do this three time a month... I still spend cheaper than taking the 5GB while actually utilizing 5GB. the table below demonstrate the calculation of how I save.

Let me know how you manage your quota. I've got to go.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The "best" mobile prepaid plan in Malaysia

Jangan percaya pada apa yg diiklankan. baca t&C dulu
Magic SIm ni Iklan dia bagi saya sungguh menipu, sesuka hati tuka plan promosi. Saya migrate ke magix sim sebab call 12sen/min. masa awal2 dulu memang 12sen di tolak ikut berapa min kita pakai.
TAPI SEKARANG- (cust service celcom kate semenjak sept) :

Call 10sen/min tu ada hidden SYARAT. Per block = 3min. Panggilan dari 1 saat minimum hingga 3min maximum di charge 30sen.
Tak kira la panggilan anda 10 saat or 30 saat or 1min or 2 min TETAP deduct 30sen!. masuk voice mail pun deduct 30sen!
Bagi saya Sungguh mahal. Kalau anda orang yang memang membuat panggilan genap 3/6/9minit berbaloi la.

Please la CELCOM, syarikat gergasi tak jujur, tak telus dlm penyampaian. IKLAN tu MENIPU kenapa tak letak 30sen/3min, Takut reaksi org ramai akan kate mahal kan. so letak 10sen/min tapi ada SYARAT. perblock 3min
Bila ramai support, mula tukar plan naik harga. Kaut untung.