Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to activate shutdown timer on your laptop

Have you had any experience....
transferring files from your Laptop to an external?

Have you ever had the above and....
had to leave the house while the process is still running?

Hi guys,

In order to save some space on my Laptop,
I do file cleaning every now and then.
I delete the files I won't be needing including....
pictures and documents and sort aside the file I wanna keep
(well, obviously).

Unless you're using USB 3.0 on both devices,
large file transfers is a b****.
My external is USB 3.0 but my Laptop is 2.0

But luckily,

Windows 7 is pretty good at handling large file transfers.
You don't need any special software such as...
TeraCopy and SuperCopier.
But if you do want to try it, read the comparison here

Here is my story,

Recently, I was on my bed working on my Laptop cleaning it up...
I performed a "cut and paste" to transfer files to my external.

The popup prompt showing the transfer process is running and...
estimated time to complete is 2 hours. (OK, I have no problem with that)

Suddenly, I got a call.
I had to leave the house.
Laptop will be unattended and I don't like the idea of wasting electricity.

So I remembered I read somewhere on the net
a trick this girl uses in situations alike.

Click on the START button
Type the letters "cmd" in the search box
Type "shutdown /s /t 10800"
and then I hit "Enter" and left the house.

What I just did was...
telling the Laptop to automatically shutdown...
with a countdown from Ten Thousand Eight Hundred seconds.
(that is 10800 seconds = 180 minutes = 3 hours)

Bill Gates would probably do the same thing.