Sunday, September 8, 2013

I slept at 5am this morning

Last night was quality time with good company and family and it lasted till five in the morning. It has been long since I spent my nights at a restaurant overnight. We spoke about politics, hobbies and about our younger days. We looked at nostalgic photos, quote conversations and joke about silly people that has been around us those years.

I woke up half past noon and hungry for food. Thank god it was a Sunday. I was also introduced to a new squire in the circle. I wish him the best in his squire ship and may he be granted wisdom along the way towards leadership. This log has no names, no location but those who don't have a clue have to keep on guessing.

On another note; this short log took me a little bit more than an hour to compose, and some people underestimate blogging and thought it is easy. Easier said than done the way I see it. Nowadays, If you're a daily blogger, it's either you're in between jobs but have parents paying for the Internet bill or that is your job. Feel me.

At this closing paragraph I just feel like changing the title but that will easily get me to spend another half an hour at least.

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