Saturday, March 19, 2016

Haramkan Topi Keledar Bertutup Muka Penuh

I read an article in Utusan Online on the said subject writen by SELVARANI P. KOVIL PILLAI
Pensyarah Program Komunikasi USIM.

Briefly, this is what he is saying:

  1. Ban the use of full-face motorcycle helmets.
  2. Full-face motorcycle helmets is very popular among robbers and criminals alike.
  3. It is difficult for witnesses or victims to identify the robbers.
In brief, this is my opinion:
  1. Full-face motorcycle helmets are for safety while riding powerful machines.
  2. These helmet looks cool too.
  3. Trying to ban riders who has already bought the expensive helmet is not a good idea unless the government reimburse each and every one of them.
  4. Trying to ban the helmet that is already in the market for a long time seems to be like a sabotage.
  5. I don't think by putting a ban on full-face helmet will stop the robbers and criminals from using the helmets to commit crimes.
  6. If the robbers and criminals uses handkerchief to cover their faces while on a robbery, would this particular lecturer write to Utusan to ban the use of handkerchief?
  7. I am guessing that this lecturer does not own a motorbike OR his girlfriend is cheating with a motorbike dude with a full-face helmet... this makes it difficult for him to identify the man screwing his girlfriend.
In closing, I would say that the article was of a petty issue and really wasted my time reading it. 

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