Sunday, May 11, 2014

Speak English Your Way

I have friends who wanted to learn to speak in English. Not only that, they want to sound right... grammatically and pronounce it correctly.

I told them, language is a tool to speak and speaking is one of the methods of communications. To get things done, you need to communicate effectively.

Smoke signals, flagging, semaphore, sound morse code, light morse code braille and etc are all forms of communications.

When you speak to someone, its good enough that you convey the right message and it is understood. You don't need to be perfect in English or other languages for that matter.

I have heard a Japanese Engineer did a technical presentation about RFID 10 years ago at Nikko Hotel. Damn... Nobody was able to pickup the words and sentences, but we well understood what was he was trying to say.

Speak English your way!

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