Friday, May 9, 2014

Coffee without sugar

I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling exhausted for have been pushing too hard on my work for the past 2 months. Not saying that I did not work hard enough prior to that, but I've put on extra hours and energy lately.

I went down to my living room, pass the dining area and off to the kitchen and boiled water. Waited for few minutes and poured the hot water into my personal mug and soaked a sachet of a popular "railway" coffee in it.

I took out the sugar from inside the cabinet and placed it beside my mug.....

Now lets go back in the pass while waiting for my coffee to be ready....

I don't like coffee. ever since I could remember at 3 years old. It is bitter and so not for me.

But, there was a time when I was 5 years old, my Father had newly setup a Rest House up in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan. It was a Rest House with chalets facing the lake where people can actually pay a few Ringgits to row a boat for few rounds.

One night before the official opening of the Rest House business, he bought an "A" shape tent, camping utensils and stuff and setup a small camping activity just for us me and my sister in front of our very own Chalet.

He lit up the campfire, and boiled water. It was the most meaningful experience in my childhood days which shaped almost entirely how I lead my life.

He poured hot water and served me coffee, a second time introduction. I guess he put the correct amount of sugar and I seem to like it so much I drank so much coffee that night that couldn't get my self to sleep. Or was it just the excitement probably.

On top of that later on when I grew up, I also observed that I cannot drink bitter coffee, that will swell my throat or tyroid what ever they call it and result in an increase of body temperature and I will have fever. Anyways, I never like coffee without sugar.

Pooffff....!!!! (Flashback sound effect)

I'm back in my kitchen.... and just at that moment I decided not to put in sugar, I lifted the mug, smell the aroma and took a sip at the coffee and it taste excellent, I have always heard and I also read from the internet the history of coffee where originally they drank it without sugar. I thought to my self, why would anyone want to drink something bitter?

Now I understand. Real coffee is without sugar.

But as my observation for these past years was correct, while writing this, I am feeling a swelling sensation in my throat and the coffee does not help with the headache.


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