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Classic Definition of Playboy & Casanova

Saya terbitkan penulisan ini didalam blog semasa mula-mula saya berjinak-jinak dengan dunia penulisan blog tidak lama dahulu. Saya tidak tukar ke bahasa melayu, namun saya harap bagi sesiapa yang membaca dapat manfaat sebahagian daripada ilmu kehidupan padanya.

To my dear readers,

In the year 2003, I have published in my previous homepage on the abovesaid title. The writing was mainly to exposed the differences between these two characteristics. My page was called "Critical Critics" and the credit goes to Fuad Shafie my brother who runs and administer the site.

I have a female friend who use to ask me questions pertaining to Men and Love and so drove me to published my writings to share such information.

"Save the best for last" is the usual cataphrase that we always hear when it comes having to enjoy the best... and another, a freaking question such as "Would you like to hear the bad news or the good news first...?" I am sure most likely the answer would be; "Bad news first..." this shows that you want to have the best for last.

My dear readers, in this case I want you to understand why I had placed the definition of Casanova after Playboy's.

My first love, when i was in my secondary school... the year was 1994, she decided to brake off in 1996 accusing me of having multiple affairs. The year 1996 was the year that I started experiencing receiving bulk mail almost every week throughout the whole year and the trend went on till I completed school. There are even some of them daring enough to approached me while I walk back from school, few of them even came up to my front gate but none of it worked for me... why?, I will explain in other blogs. She said I was a Playboy... I would have said yes if I was, I did not defended myself but I gave a thorough explaination. I declared that I was not what she claimed I was... I said I have many admirers but that does not mean that I am a Playboy, I then properly defined.

Playboy : Slaves of Lust

A male regardless of what age having multiple affairs which is non-serious that would not settle down in a marriage so soon. Funny thing about Playboys, they don't mind other people knowing about their affairs, even the girls amongst themselves are aware of this situation. Playboys are womenizers, they don't even care about your feelings and your well being. They don't even care whether you love him or otherwise. They don't see you as an asset in life, they love to spend time and money as long as they get the pleasure.

Some of you may ask... would in any chance that they would chill and settle down having a decent family...? Yes. Rough estimation is 70 out of 30 percent chance that mostly stop all means of nonsense soos as they have children. I am sure you realised that 'children' is plural. Allow me to emphasize, I did not say after getting married nor after receiving your first child... I said children. Please be acknowledged that in Malaysia you can actually find cases with birth ability up to 9 times in a women's lifespan.

Ending up getting married is a remote possibility where it is uncertain that you will be chosen amongst the multiple affairs. Marrying him does not mean that he will make you happy, like I said... they do not see you as an asset in life and they never will. You might not get the worst of it, but if you are lucky enough you will find yourself living an average life with artificial happiness just to save face in the presence of family and friends.

In other parts of the world, Playboys live their life of high profile. Most likely they are wealthy people, driving luxury cars, wear expensive clothings, dine in fancy restaurants, mingles with the rich and famous and they walk with style and confidence. But here in Malaysia, very few you could find as described. else, he might be a normal guy but in a way he can afford to make way his desires.

Can you avoid Playboys in real life? Yes. Decline his offer for a date even if he insisted on his second attempt. They are the kind of people that would not waste their time and efforts on you where they can look for others.

Casanova : Masters of Genuine Love

My dear readers, i would like you to concentrate on the story that you are about to read which will define Casanova.

There is this man that I have know since long, he is tall, dark and handsome. he is an average earner and known to his friends and family as a gentlement with classic qualities... a man suitable for every occasion, a person with great calibre and admired by many. Despite having friends around him, he prefers to be a lone ranger.... he walks alone, go to movies alone and what not. One day his group of friends got to know that he met this girl and both are falling for each other's charms. Being him with great personalities, he cherished her life with adequate love and affection. he never fails to be by her side whenever required by time.

As time went by and quality of life evolved... both upgraded their living having a better job and almost everything in life. After much and thorough planning, they finally decided to settle down and get married. Their friends and families were thrilled with joy and gave their blessing and prayed for grace upon them. he loves his wife so much and loves her even more each and everyday passes by. They had kids and raised them with happiness... kids grew up... they grew old and the marriage matures and their love blossom and bond stronger. She knew she made the right choice and she thank God for everything that has been brought upon her life.

There was this time when she told and asked him what would she do when they grow older and he dies... how could she live her life without the man that has gave her light of happiness in this world. He then promptly replied;

"My dear sweetheart... I love you and I have always been and forever i will always. I will not leave you alone and till now I never did and I never want to. Each day when I pray, I prayed and ask for God to grant my wish for me to be able to be by your side when your time comes and to be able to put flowers on your grave... I would rather feel sad and cry when you leave me then to die knowing no one to take care of you and for that I shall hold... I love you"

Years has gone... and the time finally came. he was there beside her during her last few moments... everybody was there, her friends.... her family.... the children.... she was leaving everybody, she was feeling sad but she was happy to see her children that have grown up and to have a husband that has been there for her. With weak tone voice she said to him;

"I love you... you have kept your promise, thank you" with tears he discreetly replied; "I will see you... when I see you, love you much..." having said the last words... in his arms she died.

My dear readers, till the day she died she was loved and cherished by her loving husband, but nor little did she knew that he was at all time eversince they met was having a multiple serious affairs. What you have read is a story about a Casanova.

A Casanova is a talented lover, it is not by practice but born as it is. They are special man who has the ability to render their love and affection to multiple partners at one time and never fail to please their hearts and to manipulate their minds. Unlike Playboys, Casanova is a genuine lover and they would not give up on you... on top of everything... the mastery skills of having multiple serious affairs without people knowing is something to appreciate in the sense of artistre.

For commoners or lay man, hiding something from your wife is possible, but in most cases what and who blew up your cover are actually your friends. But that never has been and never will be a problem for Casanovas, nobody will notice as he leaves no tracks and you can never trace any lead to doubt.

Was it fair on what he did to his wife...? as far as his wife were concerned... Yes. Regardless of any age... what does a female homosapien wants in her life...? The answer is... Love, and that was what the wife had received and felt... genuine love.

Morale of this writing is... from my point of view, it is the best thing that could happen in your life... enjoy it... and if you are lucky, you will die in his arms. One day when you get married and have a wonderful husband, never ask him anything if you suspects him being a Casanova...

Because you will never know and actually suspect is the last thing on your mind.

Keep on visiting my blogs for updates, and we will discover more about this famous Casanova, The Masters of Genuine Love.

Famie Shafie
1st September 2005
Kuala Lumpur

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